Levels and Tuition

Ballet I

Ages 3-5 | $12/class | Meets once a week

Our youngest students, Ballet I, are introduced to the world of ballet through creative movement exercises, stories, and songs. Students work to develop musicality, grace, flexibility and balance, and build strength and coordination.


Ballet II

Ages 6-8 | $12/class | Meets once a week

In Ballet II, students combine fundamental steps to create patterns and combinations, and build a solid foundation in classical ballet and modern dance styles. Students work to develop grace and flexibility, build strength, balance and coordination and increase musicality.


Ballet III

Ages 9-11 |  $12/class | Offered twice a week

Ballet III students secure their fundamental training in ballet and are introduced to classical modern dance. They begin working on more difficult steps and more complex combinations in this longer class period. The development of artistry begins to unfold and flourish as dancers become more confident in their movements. 


Ballet IV

Ages 12-17 | $12/class | Offered 2-3 times a week

Ballet IV students will have attained a strong technical foundation upon which they will work to master their technique and develop individual artistry. During this class, students build the strength required to dance en pointe. Classical modern dance technique is part of our curriculum creating a good balance for our most advanced dancers.


Pre-Pointe and Pointe

Pre Pointe ages 10 and up, Pointe by invitation | $12/class | Offered twice a week

Pre-Pointe offers specific technique designed to strengthen muscles and secure fundamentals such as turn out and balance to students planning to dance en pointe in the future.

Pointe class give students a chance to work in their shoes, and includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles.


Class Placement

Class placement is at the director’s discretion. If you have questions about this please contact Emily at or 816-550-5787. New students are welcome to one free trial class.

San Juan Ballet School occasionally performs during local community events such as Snowdown Kids or Teen Follies, or at Nursing Homes.


Annual Costume Fee

An annual costume fee of $20 per dancer is due by December 31. This fee covers laundering and alterations for the academic calendar year, September-May.


Details available upon completion of 2020/2021 schedule.


Thank you for your patience as Ms. Emily's sabbatical ran longer than planned due to the restrictions implemented during the Covid 19 outbreak.


2020/2021 Season Plans  

Late summer and fall plans are currently underway. Stay tuned by checking our News and Events Page on this website, by following us on FB, and by signing up for emails by contacting Ms. Emily at

Dress Code

Female Dancers
Female dancers should wear a leotard of their choice and pink or black tights, pink ballet shoes and their hair pulled back into a bun or French twist. Traditional dance wear is a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Warm ups such as leg warmers, ballet sweaters and ballet skirts will be allowed at the teachers discretion. 


Male Dancers
Male dancers should wear black dance pants, white tee shirts, and black or white ballet shoes.



Ms. Emily recommends ordering dance wear from Discount Dance. Once you arrive at checkout, please enter the teacher referral code TP54972. The points we earn will go toward building a costume wardrobe for our performances.

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