COVID 19 Policies

San Juan Ballet established policies by following the recommendations made by the CDC, Colorado State Health Department and San Juan Basin Public Health. These policies remain in effect from August 2020 until further notice.

General Studio Policies

  • Visitors are not permitted in the studio, only those registered for class and have passed the screening procedures.

  • Water fountains are closed. Students must bring their own water bottle and enough water to last until dismissal. No food, please.

  • Social distancing will be maintained - everyone must remain at least 6' apart. Students will be assigned a spot in which to stay, which will be easily identified.

  • There will be no physical contact before, during, or after class between students and faculty.

  • Traffic patterns within the building must be followed.

  • No sharing of hair accessories, dance clothes or shoes, hand sanitizer, snacks, water bottles, toe tape, scissors, etc will be permitted.

  • Students should bring personal towels to wipe off perspiration as they will not be allowed to leave their spot until dismissal.

  • Please use the restroom before you arrive. Restrooms will be available for emergency use only.

  • Avoid touching your face or any object unless necessary.

  • Please do not send your child if they or anyone in your family has symptoms of COVID 19. Join us via Zoom!


Arrival and Departures

  • Students will be required to turn in a COVID liability form before entering the studio or beginning class this semester.

  • Please enter the Smiley building through the Café, and proceed directly to the studio.

  • Students must arrive in their dance clothes under a cover up and with their hair up in a ballet bun, French braid or twist, completely pulled back out of their face, please.

  • Students should line up at the door and remain 6’ apart while waiting to enter the studio.

  • Students will be screened with a touchless thermometer. If their reading is 100 F or above, they will be required to leave immediately. Parents should be aware they will be called and expected to return immediately to pick their dancer up if this happens.

  • Students will be asked if they are experiencing the following symptoms. If they answer yes to any of them, they will be required to leave immediately.

    • Fever or chills

    • Cough

    • Shortness of breath

    • Sore throat

    • Loss of smell or loss of taste

  • Parents may not linger in or around the studio during class.


Class Protocols

  • Hand sanitizer will be dispersed to each student by a faculty member at the entrance of the studio. If you like, bring your own extra hand sanitizer and wipes.

  • There will be designated space for one small dance bag per dancer in the studio. Please bring only what is necessary.

  • Students can no longer choose where they stand during class. They will be assigned a specific spot.



  • All dancers are asked to wear a mask upon entering the studio, during class and upon leaving the studio.

  • All dancers ages 10 and up are to required to wear a mask upon entering the studio, during class and upon leaving the studio

  • If using reusable, cloth masks, they should be laundered every night. If students use disposable face masks, they cannot dispose of them in the studio.


We suggest a double layer 180 thread count cotton with a wire nose bridge. It is preferable for each dancer to bring 2 masks to class.


Here are a few sites selling masks:


From Discount Dance

From Bloch Dancewear


From Mission Cooling: these cooling gaiters are popular with many dancers and athletes:

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