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May 30, 2020

Dear San Juan Ballet Friends and Family,

I hope this message finds you healthy and safe. Stay at home orders seem to be lifting around the country, making it possible for me to finally think about coming back to Durango. It has been an arduous few months for us all.

In a couple of weeks I will travel back to Durango, though not as I would have in March. The world has inevitably changed. The effects of which are obvious in the ballet industry, in our home towns, and most obvious to all of us, in our personal lives. I am anxious to reconnect and hear your stories.

As I begin exploring options for our small ballet family I expect to uncover options and ideas unthought of or perhaps not previously considered. As well as locating a physical space for us to dance in, and determining what types of classes to offer, it will now be of utmost importance to implement social distancing and safety and sanitation regulations. I will be thinking of creative ways to come together for performances. Dance companies and schools the world over are contemplating these alterations, and I am staying abreast of the tactics that seem to be working best.

In the meantime, may I leave you with this message. In all of my professional development this year (which has been great), and in all the trials and tribulations we have gone through and continue to go through, one value has kept my mind, my soul, my heart and my body on track. 

Compassion. I accept all of you and all of your children as you are, regardless of talent potential, skill level, color of skin, demographic, or any other factor. All are welcome and encouraged. San Juan Ballet may be in a state of transformation, but our mission to instill love for dancing for all children will remain the most important thing to us. At the end of the day, I want all of our students and families to walk away knowing that they are loved, that they are unique, and that they are beautiful for it.


Ms. Emily

January, 2020

Dear San Juan Ballet Family,
Thank you for your support and patience this school year as I have been on sabbatical. I have spent the past several months teaching third grade and assisting with music and theater at Pembroke Hill, a highly ranked private school in my home town of Kansas City, Missouri. I have been surrounded by dedicated professionals, students and parents and have found great joy working through respect, compassion, scholarship and integrity to reconnect with the roots of my approach in education. I've enjoyed taking ballet and modern classes with former colleagues and friends, attending ballets, symphonies and musicals. I also enjoyed several family events and spent cherished time with my parents and siblings.
It is with further joy I begin planning my return to Durango, stepping back into arts education and facilitating a nurturing and inspiring environment in which your children may study the arts. While I continue to search for the perfect location for our close knit ballet school, and contemplate adding a musical theatre branch to our curriculum, I am pleased to announce I will be able to offer a few classes March 18-24 at the Smiley Building. If you are interested in private or small group lessons for your child, please let me know. If a lesson cannot be arranged, I would love to meet you and your dancer for tea, and catch up on all their latest news.
As we re-enter the studio, I look forward to the continuation of meaningful, inspired work rooted in tradition and beauty. Summer class and camp plans are in progress, and will be announced as soon as locations have been secured.
I sincerely look forward to seeing you soon.


Ms. Emily


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